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We provide decorating methods for all different kinds of products and surfaces.











About our Decorating Methods

To build and strengthen relationships with your audience, you need to be able to inject your brand in new places and in interesting ways. That is why Market Branded has always been on the forefront of decorating production innovations. With our talented team of designers and our world-class in-house production facilities, we can provide any decorating solution that you would expect, and many more that you probably have never considered.

Unlike our competitors, Market Branded doesn’t need to outsource to third-party decorators for our apparel embellishment needs. Market Branded has partnered with the industry’s largest decorator, comprising of 3 regional located facilities spanning over 750,000 square feet , for volume screen printing and embroidery. Because we have the full suite of decoration capabilities under one roof, our customers don’t have to absorb the time delays, quality concerns, and additional costs that come with outsourcing. Having our own world-class facilities also gives Market Branded the power to accommodate quick turn-around times without compromising quality.


Our team of designers is able to develop designs that utilize our unique printing and sewing techniques that instantly make an impression and reinforce the brand messaging. Our decorating capabilities include:


Screen Printing

With a screen-printing volume of over 24-million units annually, our research and development team is constantly researching and perfecting cutting-edge techniques and options for your apparel programs. Our special print techniques include Moisture Management Printing, Flock Applique, Rock Base-Crystalina, Dye Sublimation, Faux-Screen Printed Appliqué, Faux “Nail Head” Application, High Density, Thermaline Clear and Foil Appliqué.



At Market Branded, we use the highest-quality threads in the industry to eliminate looping, puckering and breaking. With an average daily production of 20,000 units, we offer special techniques such as 3D embroidery and patch application.


Retail Printing Quality

We hold our products to the highest standards, and each piece must meet or exceed retail specifications. Market Branded finishing services include: custom labeling, hang tags, printer folds, poly bagging, pallet programs, retail UPC bar-coding, and more.


List of Methods:

White High Density, Chain Stitch Technique, Contrast Stitching, Dry Heat Transfer, Faux Appliqué, Faux Duct Tape Patch, Faux Nail Head Application, Faux Stitching, Faux Suede Patch with High Density Faux Stitching, Flock Appliqué, Foam Application, High Density Ink, Patch Appliqué, Rock Base Crystalina, White High Density, Chain Stitch Technique, Contrast Stitching ,Dry Heat Transfer






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